PoC CCTV explained

PoC CCTV Explained

Power Over Coaxial means you don’t need a separate power supply to carry the power to the cameras. Both power (Supplied by the DVR) and data go over one cable. This allows for a neater and quick installation. You must be sure to select a camera that are PoC capability, if you want to take advantage of the PoC feature.

Currently PoC system can’t use cameras with a built-in microphone for sound recording. If you also need sound recording, then an extra two pairs of cables are needed. These are 12volts DC power and audio.


Q – Can I use CAT cable for PoC system?

A – Yes but transmission distance will be limited to 50 metres and picture quality may also be reduced.

Q – Can I use non PoC cameras with a PoC system?

A – Yes, you will need an extra pair of cables and a 12V DC power supply.

Q – Can I get a PoC camera with a built-in microphone?

A – No.